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Oklick - one of the most successful projects of the company in ergonomics sphere as . All keyboards and manipulators Oklick are issued in three sizes: S (small), M (middle), L (large) - for a small, average and big hand. Each user can pick up to itself the mouse or the keyboard according to the physical data: on packings of mice and keyboards Oklick templates of the hand are represented, allowing to the hand device. Researches of experts of the company convincingly show: conformity of the device to the size of the user hand provides to the consumer additional convenience at long work for the personal computer.

IPPON are UPS for the house and office. Having entered the Russian market in July, 2002, today IPPON enters into a three of leaders of the mass market of the UPS.
Key advantage of UPS IPPON - ease and convenience of use: the simple scheme of connection, the clear user's guide and the software in Russian, an excellent complete set, a wide network of service across all Russia (more than 120 authorised service centres in 58 cities of the Russian Federation). Reliability of UPS IPPON is confirmed by a two-year guarantee of the manufacturer. High workmanship - numerous awards of leading computer editions. Popularity among the Russian users is confirmed with two facts: more than 2 million Russians have chosen the UPS of this trade mark (the data of internal analytical service); model IPPON Back Power Pro 600 is awarded ranks (line-interactive AS) (a joint rating analytical company ITResearch and magazine ).

 DIGMA is a gold collection of necessary especially computer trifles. Interesting technical novelties. Useful lotions which allow to store reliably and quickly to hand over the various information. Among them flash-cards and disks, adapters and readers, rigid external disks and MP3 devices, and also a wide spectrum of communication devices in which modern technologies of data transmission are realised: Bluetooth, FireWire, etc.


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